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Translating Jodorowsky's Thoughts on "The Hobbit"

Moises Chiullan

Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, Holy Mountain) has seen The Hobbit, and he's tweeting about it in Spanish. I have a towering respect for him as an artist and truth-teller.

Here are select tweets as translated very roughly and quickly by yours truly:

I just finished watching "El Hobbit" : a movie only for male children, not girls. In this long saga there is only one woman for a few minutes, an untouchable Queen.

The Hobbit is a single male elf accompanied by male dwarves. How can we make movies where women do not exist?

The Queen in El Hobbit [Galadriel] is a symbol of an unapproachable, immaculate mother like the church presents the Virgin Mary. Misogynist hypocrisy.

Males of all sizes that gorge on food and break bones, this is not a homosexual world. It is a world of male brutes.

In reply to someone:
@nomesigaoiga ¿did you like it? // very nice landscapes, amazing special effects, attractive monsters, slow and vacant conversations.

UPDATE: A new favorite tweet...

You have convinced me: women are evil, the proof is that the Pope doesn't have one. And a Hobbit is not a Dwarf, it is an office worker with big ears.

Another, where The Truth comes out:

I confess that they paid me to give Hobbit some publicity. Now I leave you because I have to go get drunk with a dwarf. Gut bai.

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